Below are some of our favorite local attractions

We support local businesses and attractions (Hey, that's all there is in Yelapa).

Restaurants in town (local family owned)

  • Keep in mind many of these places are not open year round.
    • Tacos Y Mas - delicious food, drinks, and great outdoor atmosphere shared by Yelapa locals & visitors alike!
    • Ramona - the locals' favorite.  If you are craving sopes, crunchy tacos, and all the local fare which keeping some change in your pockets this is the place for you.  Shirt and shoes not required.
    • Pollo Bollo - Pollo Bollo has a great space, good bar, and very friendly and hard-working staff. It's worth the wait if there is a line because this is one of the things that make Yelapa so charming.

Rosewood Woodshop

  • A rare find and favorite of tourists.  This shop has been owned for generations started by the patriarch Javier Rodriguez and continues to produce fine rosewood keepsakes. Rosewood is a rare fragrant close-grained tropical timber with a distinctive fragrance.  You can choose from a variety of items including molcajetes, candle holders, wine glasses, salad bowls and more. Special requests are welcome. 


  • The beach is always a welcoming place for visitors where you sit back and catch some rays or have something to eat and drink at a variety of restaurants.
  • For restaurant recommendations ask Antonia or Jaime - they eat in Yelapa daily.


  • City Waterfall with local restaurant
  • Hike Waterfall - for average hiker or on horseback
  • Up Hill Waterfall - horseback recommended.


  • Seek out the local Abelardo (enquire at the post office or just ask...everyone knows him) for best rides.  He can make the experience as adventurous as you like.
  • Below is a video of a horseback ride through part of Yelapa, the jungle and across a river with the family.  I can only say what a great 3 hour ride with a swim and picnic.

People always ask what a horseback ride looks like in Yelapa. Well here you go...and a bit outside to see the jungle and rivers.

Posted by La Loma Yelapa on Saturday, January 21, 2017


  • Yelapa is known for hikers world wide.  Enough said.


  • Many people come to Yelapa for the paragliding & hang gliding.  From La Loma, the pilots shoulder their gear and take the hiking trail right behind the house to the launchpad know as Tapita or the highest launchpad from Tapa.  The landing is at the main beach.
    • Tapita: the altitude gain is 610 ft and time of glide varies but most pilots average 30 minutes.
    • Tapa: the altitude gain is 2,165 feet and time of glide varies but most pilots average 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Yelapa was featured in US Hang Gliding & Paragliding Vol43/Iss02 Feb 2013.


  • Ajijic - a beautiful town with many attraction including the largest lake in Mexico.  If you are looking for a place to stay may we recommend the bed and breakfast Casa Amable within walking distance to great restaurants like Manix, lake, church, and plaza.
  • Puerto Vallarta - you probably flew into this city but it is a great place to visit for shoppers, attractions, art, music, and site seeing.  A nice long walk on the seaside boardwalk is a must as well as the botanical Gardens.