This depends on personal preferences & activities but here's a list of some basic items you may need for stays of more than one day. Note that in house laundry service is available for a fee to help reduce the volume of clothing to bring.

Enough cash preferably in pesos to cover your expected expenses while here. No ATMs or credit cards here. Boat taxi round trip from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa costs around 320 pesos ($15 dollars).

  • Flashlight with new batteries
  • Camera with extra batteries or charger
  • Personal ditty bag, bath items, notepad, book(s)
  • Binoculars for bird, whale and people watching
  • Insect repellent for hikes into the jungle
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, sunburn cream, hat or cap
  • Personal medications needed which may not be found here
  • Small personal first aid kit
  • Favorite snack which may not be available in stores here
  • Small backpack & water bottle for day trips, picnics, hiking
  • Light jacket or sweater for early boat rides & at night
  • Water Activities – bathing suit, beach towel (we have some available at the house), flip flops, snorkel gear, fishing gear
  • Hiking boots or tennis/walking shoes and clothing for 55-85F temperatures
  • A sense of adventure – you will have the best time ever if you remember to pack this!

WHAT ABOUT MONEY? (Exchange Rate USD/Peso)

It is usually more beneficial to bring dollars with you and exchange this in Puerto Vallarta. You can pay for things in US dollars or pesos, but you get more for your money if you pay in pesos as shops and restaurants tend to give a poor rate of exchange.   There are also exchange houses available in Puerto Vallarta. Look around before changing money.   You can also exchange money at the airport (low exchange rate given).

Exchange enough of your money into pesos in Puerto Vallarta to cover all your incidental expenses in Yelapa. Acquire some small bills for tips, etc. There are NO ATMs or credit cards here in Yelapa!


    •  Getting to Yelapa from PV airport or bus terminal — Enlist a taxi to take you to Los Muertos Pier (Muelle de Los Muertos in spanish – sounds like mwayay de los mweartos) it takes 20-25 min. Agree on price before entering the vehicle; you will pay around $400 pesos/$20 dollars.
    • If you don’t have too much baggage and are watching the pennies, go over the bridge just outside the airport, there are taxis waiting to help you also – they cost less than the airport taxis, at around about $210 pesos/$10 dollars one way.
    • The more adventurous with lighter baggage may take a public bus (catch one that says "CENTRO" on it just outside the airport under the overhead walkway). This will take you near to Los Muertos pier for $25 pesos/$1 dollar, you will have about a 5 minute walk to the pier from where you are dropped, to board a "panga" (water taxi) for the 45 minute trip along the scenic jungle coastline to Yelapa.
    • The water taxi pickup is at Los Muertos Pier, located at the end of Francisco Rodriguez Street in "Old Town" or "Olas Altas" on the southern edge of the city. Please note that sometimes boats change their hours, to be sure email us just before your journey to get updates. Also for those of you travelling in the low season (May to October) there are restricted boat times so please check with us.
    • If you are arriving at the Bus Terminal this is on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta. You can either get a taxi straight to "Muelle de Los Muertos" (see above for how to say this!), or you can get a bus – catch one that says "centro" on the front of the bus – it wont take you directly to the pier, just about a 5 minute walk away. Buses as above cost approximately $25 pesos/$1 dollar, taxis from the Bus terminal cost $400 pesos/$20 dollars.
    • Please email us for up-to-date boat times, as they tend to vary between high and low seasons. The below schedule was for the 2017 high season.  It is about a 45 minute trip to Yelapa. Cost is approximately: $160 pesos/$7.50 per person.
      • If you get to Los Muertos pier between 10:00am and 4:00pm you will be able to catch a ride to Yelapa.
    • There are also boats to and from Boca de Tomatlan, this trip is less expensive as it is shorter, and costs $85 pesos/$4 dollars one way, though you have to get a taxi or a bus to Boca de Tomatlan which is about half an hours journey from Puerto Vallarta – times of boats available on request, and instructions to get yourself to bus pickup.


When disembarking from the water taxi at Yelapa pier, check and account for your entire luggage. The boat taxi mate will usually unload it for you. Look to the west from the pier and you can see the Casa arches on a high bluff peninsula. By prearrangement a representative from the Casa will meet you. If not, porters will vie for permission to take your luggage. Just tell them you're going to La Loma with Antonia and agree on a price before you allow them to load your luggage on their shoulders – usually it is $100 pesos/$5 dollars per bag (sometimes very large or heavy bags will be slightly more), you pay on arrival at the house. They'll lead you along a shoreline path to Casa Milagros, a 10-15 minute walk for one in good physical condition. Take your time climbing the 182 cobbled steps; pause and enjoy the scenery. The panorama is worth the climb.